Biweco Food AB was established in 1994 by Mr. Bo Widell.

We are situated in Stockholm, Sweden.


As agents for different suppliers from Europe, we are specialized in food, ecological food and non-food. Our main business is Private Label for

the retail market and for food service companies.


We have a long experience of working closely with the buying alliances in the food trade business, in all Scandinavian countries.


We provide consistent high quality services to our partners.  The many high quality products we are responsible for in the Scandinavian market

are a good proof that our products and our company are well appreciated.


We work with a wide range of products, mainly in the areas of bread, tea, Müsli, pasta and olive oil.


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Bo Widell                                                 Nina Saving


Phone                 +46 8 640 94 75                                                         +46 8 640 94 75

Mobile                +46 708 34 99 00                                                       +46 708 34 99 91

Fax                      +46 8 640 94 79                                                         +46 8 640 94 79





Biweco Food AB

Vikingavägen 17C

133 33 Saltsjöbaden